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Synergy Devices Limited...

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Mixing and Dispensing System
Medical & Industry Laboratory Product range.


Cartridge and syringe mixing holders

Cartridge and syringe mixing


Dual Asymmetric Centrifugal Laboratory Mixer System Animation

Dual Asymmetric Centrifugal Laboratory Mixer System
Vacuum Mixer Options

Synergy Devices Limited


Speedmixer - UK & Ireland


Speedmixer - Ireland


SpeedMixer™ - Scandinavia


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The Corporate Group offers from the same prestigious Offices & Technology Facility in High Wycombe, a range off products and services. From raw materials, largely silicone based, to tools for Mixing Dispensing and Moulding..

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UK Silicones and Silicone Rubber Supplier For Aerospace, Engineering, Healthcare, R&D, Manufacturing and Technology

New - PST Mobile Friendly


Syndev® - Premium Silicone Tubing

Premium Silicone Tubing


Engineering and Healthcare Silicone Elastomers




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