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SpeedMixers® are the industry leader for formulating, mixing and blending all types of materials for inks, paints, and various coatings. You need to be able to achieve perfect mixing and repeat those results quickly, every time. The SpeedMixer® can do that for you.

Our Dual Asymmetric Centrifugal technology performs excellently in both low and high viscosity applications, as well as homogenous dispersion of materials and fluids. Perhaps the best part for the person doing the actual mixing, is that not only do you get perfect results, you have virtually no cleanup, due to our bladeless mixing technology.

  1. Pigments and fillers for paints and tints – We can help you mix pigments for specialty or art paints; both water and oil bases. Calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, phthalo blue, red iron oxide.
  2. Pigments for inks and inkjet cartridges – We have experience with both piezoelectric and thermal inks, solvent inks, UV-curable inks, and dye-sublimation inks.
  3. Conductive inks and other electronic coatings – we will help you get your ink perfect every time for the exacting standards required for circuit boards and electronics. Are you using PTFs (polymer thick films), silver inks, or polymeric conductive materials? We know how to help you get the best out of your conductive inks.
  4. LEDs – we will get your colours and viscosity right.
  5. Fumed Silica / Pyrogenic Silica – The Speedmixer® is the perfect choice for mixing fumed silica for perfect viscosities in your coatings, paints and printing inks.
  6. Lithographic paste – Viscosity is crucial. We have experience with starches, gum arabic and guar gums derivatives, derivatives, tamarind, sodium alginate, sodium polyacrylate, gum Senegal and gum tragacanth, British gum or dextrine and albumen.
  7. Coatings – Anti-fouling and antifouling coatings for marine paints. Silicone coatings for many industrial applications. We can mix it.

Demonstration Videos

Speedmixer® Mixing White Powder

SpeedMixer® Mixing White Powder

Speedmixer® Mixing Copper Powder

SpeedMixer® Mixing Copper Powder

Speedmixer® Flattening DeAiring

SpeedMixer® Flattening DeAiring

Speedmixer® Mixing Coloured Silicone

SpeedMixer® Mixing Coloured Silicone

Speedmixer® Mixing Gold Powder

SpeedMixer® Mixing Gold Powder

Speedmixer® Mixing Playdough

SpeedMixer® Mixing Playdough

Speedmixer® Mixing Purple Powder       

SpeedMixer® Mixing Purple Powder

Speedmixer® Mixing White & Red Paste

SpeedMixer® Mixing White & Red Paste

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